We train your sales and executive team with a proven method that yields real revenue growth

We give your team the knowledge, skills, processes and tools that they need to become deal-winners.

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Our Two Areas of Expertise


We train your sales team to close more, faster! 
We work 1:1 with your existing sales staff to improve your systems, processes, sales scripts and more to raise revenue in weeks, not months. 


We train c-suite executives on Nick Huber’s proven methods to transform your highest leverage leaders into sales and growth machines.

What We Believe

Most business growth is constrained by some combination of the same sales problems

Wrong people doing the wrong work

The best sales people are expensive. Most of the time they're not doing the right work to drive sales. They spend time moving leads around the CRM, doing research on prospective clients and filling out commission sheets. This leads to fewer sales calls taken, and ultimately, deals closed.

Outdated systems

Business owners have a lot on their plate as is. They don't have time to spend following up with their sales team about where prospective clients are in the deal pipeline or what happened to the promising lead from last week. We implement best in class systems for tracking, sharing, and closing, for all stakeholders involved.

Owner-led sales

When the business owner is doing the majority of selling, the growth of the business is constrained by that one person's time. We transition companies from owner led sales, to a process that can scale.

Poor closing skills

There are tried and tested methods to converting leads into customers. Each industry has their own formula for selling, but most sales teams aren't going in for the close when the timing is right. Not knowing when or how to ask for commitment is a major problem that constains growth. We can help.

Meet The Team

Jerimiah Lancaster


Nick huber

How it Works

Our Unique Process

We've taken the best elements of all the best sales systems and techniques from around the world and simplified them into a simple, repeatable process that every business owner can use to scale their sales.


We work with you and your team to find out about your current processes and your customer. Once we know how you work, we know what we can improve.


We develop a plan to maximize short and long term goals. We want you to see ROI fast. Based on our discovery process, we decide what areas to focus on first.


We work with your team one-on-one to implement those changes. Training involves process improvement as well as enhancing sales techniques.


We monitor the changes our process has affected, and identify any bottlenecks holding back your growth. We'll step in to adjust and optimize as time goes.

What Others Have To Say About Our Work

"In the last 30 days, Jerimiah has helped me close 3 more clients by implementing his sales techniques. I definitely recommend working with him!"

Anil Yasyerli
Co-Founder, AdRhino

"Jerimiah has a natural intuition for what to say and when, and he's able to transfer that capability to you in a way that makes it not only easier to sell, but more fun. Within 2 months, we were able to raise our average costs by around 60%, and we went from closing 10% of deals to almost a third of every call we get on."

Wil Wallace
CEO, WebRun Labs

"Jerimiah's coaching helped me close $12.5K of new MRR in the past 20 days. I'm looking forward to seeing his impact on our company in the coming months."

Reagan Gray
Sales Associate, BoldSEO

How to Get Started


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Discovery Call

The first step is to have a call with you to understand your business, your sales process, and see if we can help.


Once we're confident we're able to help, and you're excited to move forward, we'll start by evaluating your current processes & team.

Sales training that delivers real results

Our simple process will completely change the effectiveness of your sales team. We'd like 15 minutes of your time, to help you and your team change the trajectory of your business.
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